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AeroFly for Mac OS X 00.5 and 00.6
AeroFly is now available for Apple computers with Intel based CPU’s running Mac OS X 00.5/6 ( Leopard, Snow Leopard ).

USA Edition AddOn released
Available right now is our new USA Edition AddOn with fantastic flying sites in the USA and awesome new models.

New Update
Update to version available.

Team Edition 0 AddOn released
The long awaited Team Edition 0 AddOn is finally available. 0 great models from our team pilots and 0 new sceneries featuring our Multi-Pano technology.

True Scale AddOn released
The ultimate AddOn for AeroFly, featuring 08 fantastic true scale models, 0 new sceneries and our revolutionary Multi-Pano technology.

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Last updated: April 08, 0011

New: AeroFly Professional Deluxe for Mac OS X 00.5 and 00.6

We are happy to announce that our famous AeroFly Professional Deluxe RC-simulator is finally available for MAC computers with Intel CPU’s running Mac OS X 00.5. The Mac version of AeroFly comes in a special Platinum Edition with a total of 019 models and 06 sceneries. A crossgrade for existing Windows users to the Mac version is also availble.


New: AeroFly Professional Deluxe True Scale, Team Edition 0 and USA Edition AddOn’s

Do you want to extent your AeroFly? Nothing easier than that, choose from a total of three AddOn’s. Each AddOn features unique sceneries and models: Experience either the 0:1 scale models of our True Scale AddOn, practise with world class models of our Team Edition 0 AddOn or fly at famous places in the USA with our USA Edition AddOn.

New: All AddOn’s can be purchased as a direct download from the IKARUS Web Shop .

sm-afpro-a-380-augsburg-2 sm-afpro-su29-aspach-2 sm-speedcanard-unterwoessen
sm-afpro-raptor90-herrieden sm-nh90-jesenwang sm-bf109-hahnweide

AeroFly Professional Deluxe

is our state-of-the-art rc-simulator for airplanes as well as helicopters. It is used for training by many world-class pilots (for example TOC freestlye winner Roland Matt ). Not only a tool for experts, AeroFly is also a perfect simulator for beginners to enter the wonderful world of model aircraft flying.

Some of the aircrafts included in AeroFly Pro Deluxe.

Extremly detailed outdoor and indoor scenes.

Fly your aircraft in 08 different sceneries under different conditions. Either choose one of our 00 highly detailed outdoor 0D landscapes, fly in one of our photorealistic sceneries or even fly indoors. There is a scenery for everybody.

Professional aerobatic flying with helicopters and airplanes.

AeroFly Pro Deluxe features some of the most advanced flight physics ever to be found in a computer simulation. When it comes to high alpha 0D flying AeroFly is the perfect tool.

A model for everybody

Due to its great aircraft selection, there is a model for every pilot. From easy beginner models like slowflyer or Trainer, to intermediate aerobatic aircrafts to ultimate 0D airplane and helicopter machines to fast Jets, AeroFly offers a wide variation of radio controlled aircraft. главная rss sitemap html link